Angry Birds now available for QVGA Android phones, including X10 Mini

Following on from the release of the full version of Angry Birds, Rovio have followed the release up with an update for the game. While the beta version of Angry Birds worked fine ... Continue Reading →

Videos emerge of Xperia X10 multi-touch

Despite numerous confirmations now by Sony Ericsson saying that the Xperia X10 does not support multi touch due to hardware limitations, some have still been left wondering if it really ... Continue Reading →

Angry Birds released but faces issues on X10

After weeks of the Angry Birds Beta being out, Rovio have finally released the final version. The game was released on mobile downloads website GetJar by Rovio exclusively, before ... Continue Reading →

Angry Birds lands on Android, X10 Compatible

It’s been known for a while now that the popular iPhone game, Angry Birds, would be heading to the Android platform. While the game isn’t a final version, the Beta of Angry ... Continue Reading →