XperiaX10 range won’t be updated past Android 2.1

Despite all the uproar about Sony Ericsson’s flagship Xperia handset having an outdated OS when it launched with Android 1.6 and when the company released Android 2.1, when 2.3 ... Continue Reading →

Android 2.2 headed to Xperia X10 in 2011?

While the Xperia X10 recently received the Android 2.1 update, many were hoping it would be Android 2.2, with a petition started months ago for the release of Android 2.2. Now, with ... Continue Reading →

Custom Android 2.2 rom loaded onto Xperia X10

Until recently, the Xperia X10 was stuck with a rather outdated version of Android, 1.6. Within the past month however, Sony Ericsson have now released Android 2.1 for the handset ... Continue Reading →

Modder loads Android 2.2 onto Xperia X10

While this isn’t great news yet, it is pretty good news for Xperia X10 owners. A member over at the XDA Developers forum has been hard at work, as is the way of many XDA members. ... Continue Reading →