Sony Xperia Video Converter

Do you have videos in your computer that you would love to bring with you and watch in your Xperia but can’t because of video incompatibilities? The solution to this problem is to get 4videosoft’s Sony Xperia Video Converter. This software which you can install in your Windows PC can convert any video and audio file format to one that can be played in your Xperia phone. If you have any other Sony devices such as a PSP, PS3 or a Sony Walkman then it can convert a multimedia file to be played on these devices as well.

Here’s a quick overview of the software.

Software: Sony Xperia Video Converter

Version: 3.3.12

Maker: 4Videosoft

Size: 9.10 MB

Supported OS: XP/200/Vista/ Windows 7

Price: $21.95

This easy to use software not only converts any multimedia file that you have but you can perform basic editing as well. You can split, crop and join a video to create a storyline for your video. You can also add various video effects before the actual conversion so that they will be included in the finished product. It can add a text or picture watermark to your video to personalize it even further.

If you are looking for a video converter to be used on your Xperia model then using this software is one of the best options available.