Sony Xperia S UK release date and price

The recently announced Xperia S is now available to pre-order in the UK. The Xperia S is the first phone to be released from Sony following their buy out of Ericsson from the joint venture and looks set to continue in the steps of the 2011 Xperia range.

Clove have announced that they will be selling the Sony Xperia S in black starting from March 5th 2012. The sim free price for the Xperia S is £467.99 through Clove, while Play have the release date down as March 6th and a price tag of £449.99. You can also pre-order the Sony Xperia S from ebuyer for £429.99 but, they have an expected release date of March 12th.

If you’re after the white Sony Xperia S though, you’ll have to shop at Phones4U who will be selling the white model exclusively. Release date is again March but, this time without a specific date or any pricing information. It’s likely to be around the second week of March though like other UK retailers.