Sony Xperia Play Will be Coming to Verizon Wireless

Early reports suggest that the Xperia Play will be coming over to Verizon Wireless. An ad in Wirefly, America’s leading online mobile store, showed the Xperia Play side by side with the iPhone 4 with Verizon Wireless as its carrier. The price for the device and the availability date was not posted though.

If you check the Verizon Wireless website, no updates as of now have been posted regarding the Xperia Play. Sony Ericsson might adopt the same strategy in the U.S. as it did in Europe where major carriers announced last week that they will be carrying the Xperia Play. This is actually a sound plan since it will be reaching out to a broader market.

This February 13, just one day ahead of the scheduled Mobile World Congress, the Xperia Play will be officially announced by Sony Ericsson. Further details about this latest device will be known during this date. If you want to catch the announcement live wherever you are located you can do so by checking it out at the official Facebook page of Sony Ericsson.

The Xperia Play will be the first smartphone designed primarily for gaming. It is certified to play PlayStation One games and can also access the games at the Android Market.