Sony Xperia P and Xperia U Appear in the UK

Sony have revealed that there will be two new Xperia handsets available to purchase in the UK very soon, in the form of the Xperia P and Xperia U mobile smartphones.

Both handsets should be on the market by the end of May if the listings by UK retailer Clove are correct. The company has both models up for preorder with stock coming in on the 28th of May. As for pricing the Xperia U is priced at £204 and is available in white or black. The Xperia P is more expensive at £330 and comes in black or silver colour choices. Clove also have gel cases available to purchase for the handsets which will both come sim free/ unlocked to a carrier.

Features found on the 3.5″ displayed Xperia U include a 512mb RAM, 1GHz processor and a 5MP camera capable of capturing 3D and with 720p video recording. The Xperia P is more powerful again with it’s 4″ screen, 1GHz dual core processor, NFC compatibility and an 8MP camera.

via Clove