Sony to release red Xperia Ion

The release of the Xperia Ion in the US is drawing closer and has already been released in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Sony website now shows a red Xperia Ion next to the black one. From the looks of it though, the red Sony Xperia Ion will not be released in the US but, instead will be available internationally, indicated by the model number LT28i instead of LT28a.

As we’ve seen before, the red version may be an exclusive to certain countries or networks. Here in the UK, Vodafone grabbed the exclusive rights to the red Xperia Neo, while O2 picked up the white Xperia Play. With it being red, it’s quite likely that if it is released in the UK, Vodafone will try to strike a deal with Sony to be the exclusive seller of the metallic red version. Despite appearing on the Sony Mobile website however, Sony are yet to to confirm availability of the red Xperia Ion.