Sony release Smart Extras to enhance your mobile experience

smart extras

More new products from Sony have been announced, in the form of three ‘smart’ accessories that will not only be compatible with the new Xperia NXT range of handsets but, with any Android smartphone with bluetooth or NFC support enabled.

First up in the Smart Extras range is the SmartWatch which is basically a wireless display which can mount onto the provided ‘watch strap’ and allows the display of calls, messages and social networking updates in a similar (but better) way to the Live View accessory that Sony Ericsson brought out. Next is the rather exciting Smart Wireless Headset Pro, a bluetooth stereo headset that can also be used as a standalone MP3 player and FM radio or can connect to your phone and will also display call information, text messages and Facebook or Twitter updates. Thirdly, Sony have released a new Smart Extension SDK which will allow developers access to create exciting new applications to enhance and customise both the SmartWatch and the Smart Wireless Headset Pro.

An official product demonstration of the Smart Watch and Smart Headset can be viewed in the video below:

News is also coming in regarding the NFC (near field communication) tags that Sony have produced. These will apparently also be added to the Smart Extras range in the future.