Sony partner with case makers to bring more Xperia cases to market

Sony have announced that they have partnered with several case and accessory makers, such as CaseMate to bring more case options to the Xperia range of Sony handsets. While some people prefer their handsets without any cases on, I personally prefer to give my phone some extra protection to keep it shiny and scratch free and with this partnership, it will bring a wider range of cases which, should mean there is something to suit every one.

Sony have partnered with 10 case and accessory makers so far: CaseMate, Krussel, Orbyx, Incipio, Roxfit, Muvit, Dicota, Shinnorie and Coptor. New cases and shells will be announced from mid May. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet but, it should be in line with what each manufacturer currently charges for their cases.