Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to launch with 6 games pre-installed

At MWC we heard that the Sony Ericsson would come pre-installed with one classic PSone game. This has now been confirmed to be Crash Bandicoot. More details have emerged though, indicating that the handset, in the UK at least, will launch with a total of 6 games pre-installed. Each game covers a different genre so hopefully there will be something for everyone.

There will be the classic PSone platformer: Crash Bandicoot. Another classic game pre-installed is Tetris. We will also see The Sims 3, Bruce Lee Dragon Warriors, Star Battalion and Fifa 10. Fifa 10 will be the first Fifa game on a phone to feature online multiplayer and with it coming pre-installed, you should be able to find a match straight away. There will also be 50 games available at launch to download.

Pricing for the Xperia Play has also been revealed. The handset will go on sale for £500. The launch date in the UK will be the 31st of March, the same day as the Xperia Play launch event in London.