Sony Ericsson unveil bootloader unlocking website for new Xperia handsets

Sony Ericsson have unveiled a new section on their website which allows users to unlock the bootloader on their Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc or Xperia Play. The bootloader being locked down on the Xperia X10 is something that a lot of users complained about as Android is an open source platform. Sony Ericsson have obviously listened to these complaints, as they’ve allowed their new range of Xperia handsets to have the bootloader easily unlocked and provided a sub site on how to do so. The boot loader is also unlockable on the Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro.

Not all handsets will be capable of bootloader unlocking. If your phone is sim locked then unfortunately, you won’t be able to unlock the bootloader. Also depending onf your region, this function may also be blocked. If after following the instructions on the site the phone boots as normal and Fastbook doesn’t start (and the USB drivers are working correctly) then the bootloader, unfortunately can’t be unlocked on your phone. You can follow the instructions on unlocking your bootloader here.

It’s also noted that, while Sony Ericsson have provided this service, using it may void your warranty. Also if you change the bootloader or load custom ROMs on to the handset, you will not be able to receive updates provided by Sony Ericsson through SEUS. However if unlocking the boot loader is all you do, you will be able to continue to receive updates from Sony Ericsson as usual.