Sony Ericsson to release update for LiveView

Since the Sony Ericsson Live View Bluetooth device was released, several third party apps have been developed to enhance the use of the device. Though there have been some complaints with the Bluetooth not always working. Sony Ericsson have however stated that an update is due after the new year, which should hopefully also fix any issues users have been having. If you haven’t already checked out the Sony Ericsson LiveView, you can grab it from the Sony Ericsson store and if you use the code SELV1, you can get 20% off. Although third party retailers, such as Play may offer the device for a lower price even after the 20% discount.

Here’s a list of the third party apps that are currently available for users with the Live View app:

• Moon Phase Pro: 3D interactive simulation of the moon.
• LiveView™ HTC Music plug-in: Music plug-in for HTC phones.
• OI Shopping List: Shop easily with your LiveView™.
• FakeCall for LiveView™: Trigger sounds and vibration on your Android phone.
• LiveView™ ContactCall plug-in: Lets you browse contacts and initiate a call.
• LiveView™ for Cycle Hire: Quickly access and safely access docking station statuses for London’s TfL Barclays Cycle Hire scheme.
• LiveView™ Weather plug-in: Show current weather forecast in your location.
• SportyPal: Motivational training tool that gives you a view of your work-out.
• Launcher plug-in: Display your application icons on the LiveView™.
• Smart Training: GPS tracker tool, post your training record.
• Where am I LiveView™ plug-in: Shows a map of your current location.
• LiveView™ PowerAMP: Control any music player.
• Gmail for LiveView™: Gmail notifications plug-in that also lets you read the first part of the e-mail.
• news alert: RSS notifier for
• Calendar plug-in: Gives you an overview of your calendar and you can scroll and dive into a daily agenda.
• Twitter icon plug-in: Shows your Twitter icon or a QR-code so that you can spread your Twitter-url.
• Mode plug-in: Profile manager that lets you switch between silent, vibrate etc.
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