Sony Ericsson to release “Experience Packs” for Xperia X10 range

Sony Ericsson are releasing three “experience packs” for the X10 range of handsets. The experience packs are named XP110, XP120 and XP130. Each pack will retail for different prices, as each pack contains different types of items. Pricing is however, currently unknown.

First up, we have the XP110 Fitness Experience Pack. As the name suggests, it’s perfect for those who want the best fitness experience with their handset. The recently released Live View Bluetooth device is included in the pack, along with a wristband and clip. Unfortunately, the wristband is compatible with the X10 Mini and Mini Pro, rather than the full sized Xperia X10. However the Live View device can be used with all three devices. Also included in the pack is the SportyPal Pro app, which again is compatible with all three Xperia X10 models, not to mention the Xperia X8.

Likewise, the XP130 pack, dubbed the Design Experience Pack, isn’t completely compatible with the full size Xperia X10, or the Mini Pro for that matter. The biggest highlight of the Design Pack, is that it includes the three fashion covers we recently saw available as an Orange exclusive for the X10 Mini. Which is great news for those not on Orange and loved the back plate designs. As well as the back covers, the pack also includes charms, lanyards, style wallpapers, as well as three apps: Fashion News, Celebrity Gossip and Chip Chick.

Last but not least, we also have the XP120 Business Experience Pack. This is the only pack which isn’t limited to one or the other X10 handsets but, rather features items for all the models. It comes with a life time license for the Office Suite Pro app and 6 months for WaveSecure. Also included is the VH700 Bluetooth handsfree kit (which we’ll be reviewing shortly) and a micro USB cable.