Sony Ericsson promo video on benefits of upgrading to Android 2.1

Sure, most of us already know what the benefits are to upgrading to Android 2.1 on our Xperia X10’s and wish Sony Ericsson would just release the update already. While the update hasn’t been released yet, Sony Ericsson have released a promo video on the top benefits of upgrading to Android 2.1 on the Xperia X10. The video gives the impression that the update is already out, however the Rikard Skogberg at the Sony Ericsson product blog has said that the video wasn’t scheduled to be released yet and instead should be classed as a pre-release.

The video goes through most of the new features that we already know about. It takes a closer look at the new lock screen as well as the in call options. We’re also shown the five homescreens and how you can preview them, similar to how you would on a HTC phone with HTC Sense. There’s also a quick look at the menu button, which replaces the current menu bar.

Thanks suavi again!