PlayStation Suite to Deliver Games to Xperia Play

A high level meeting yesterday held by Sony and invited industry insiders which they called ”PlayStation Meeting 2011” finally answered our question on what games the Xperia Play  will run. The keynote speaker for the event was Kaz Hirai who is also the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. He introduced what is called the PlayStation Suite which acts as an emulator to let you play PlayStation One games on your Android device.

Initially the PlayStation Suite application will allow the Xperia Play to access Android games and PlayStation One games which can be downloaded over at the PlayStation Network. This application will then expand so that it can also be used by other Android devices.

The plan is to have a way where people can play a particular game on any Android device with the same quality. We all know that different manufacturers have different hardware specifications on their smartphones and this will affect the way you play the game. The PlayStation Suite plans to address this concern.

The successful meeting yesterday was also highlighted by the official unveiling of the PSP2 which is called the Next Generation Portable. Both the PSP2 and the Xperia Play will be launched this year to further strengthen Sony’s share in the mobile and handheld gaming market.