One click root app released on the market

Users have been able to root their Xperia X10 handsets for a while now. Shortly after root access was gained for the Xperia X10, both the X10 Mini and Mini Pro became rootable. Now an app has been released onto the market making the process even simpler. It does however seem that you will need the ability to install third party apps enabled. By downloading Universal Androot from the Android Market (the QR code is below but, a QR/barcode scanner app is required) the application will provide you with a list of all the supported phones and a list of those that aren’t supported.

You will see that the X10, X10 Mini and Mini Pro are all listed (as of yet, the X8 hasn’t been tested). To download the actual app to root the phone, you will need to press the menu button while in the app and select “Download Universal Androot”. This will download the rooting app from Dropbox onto your phone.

You can then go ahead and install this app and run it. From there you will have a choice of enabling superuser and whether you want it to be a full root, or a soft root. The soft root option means that if you turn the handset off, when it comes back on, it will no longer be rooted. Once you’ve set the options, you can go ahead and press the “Go Root” button. Likewise, the unrooting process is just as simple and only requires you to press “Undo Root”.

With the handset rooted, you can install apps that require root access such as Titanium backup, as well as remove the default apps like Moxier. Although you will need a separate app to remove the unwanted pre-installed apps, as well as the correct command line.