Official Xperia Play Ad Released

Finally, an official ad for the Xperia Play has been released. Upon hearing this great news on the video ad on the device that Sony Ericsson hasn’t officialy announced yet I was excited to watch it. I must say that I was a bit surprised on the ad; some people might even find it creepy.

The official video of the unofficial phone shows a surgeon attaching a pair of thumbs to an Android ending with a caption “Android is Ready to Play”. You got to admire the creative tem who came up with this unique ad. The source of the video comes from a Norwegian website called Droidnytt and they claim that it is a leaked official video.

Xperia Play Official Ad

If Sony Ericsson wanted to make it clear to consumers that the Xperia Play is designed for gaming purposes then they sure have made a strong, although creepy, point.

The Xperia Play is set to be announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 to be held this month. This will be the first Android phone model specifically designed with gaming in mind. It will be able to access the different PSone games available at the PlayStation Network as well as Android Games over at the Android Market.