O2 UK release 2.3.3 Xperia update before Sony Ericsson

In a strange turn of events, it appears that O2 UK have begun to roll out the Android update for the Xperia Arc. The Android 2.3.3 update began rolling out yesterday to folks in Hong Kong and since then, a few other countries have also received the update.

The UK however, is still yet to see it, unless you have an O2 branded Xperia Arc that is. According to reports, O2 have beat Sony Ericsson to the punch for the UK update, which traditionally would first be seen on unbranded handsets. That fact is one that makes this a strange turn of events. The other being though, is that O2 recently removed the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc from their website and as of yet, are also not selling the Arc. It appears from reading the O2 forums that O2 have only just begun fufilling back orders for the Arc and many users are receiving them this week. O2 were also described as the worst network to be with for the Xperia X10, if it was a branded handset as they took the longest out of the UK networks to release updates – X10 owners with O2 branded handsets are actually still waiting for the multi touch update.

The Xperia Arc is considered Sony Ericsson’s second chance handset after the failings of the X10 and with this sort of news, it appears that O2 are making the Arc their second chance Xperia handset as well.