O2 reduce Xperia Play to £150 on pay as you go

Not so long ago, we reported that the Xperia Play had dropped in price down to £200. Since then, the Xperia Play has popped up at a few other retailers with a similar price but, the handset has not been in stock. O2 have now followed the trend and reduced the price of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on pay as you go.

You can now pick the Xperia Play up for just £149.99 which is cheaper than most budget phones, including Sony Ericsson’s “lower end” phones, such as the Xperia Mini. O2 have not only reduced the price of the black Xperia Play but, have also dropped the price of the white model to £149.99 which is an exclusive to O2. It also appears that both color models are in stock.