N64 emulator demonstrated on Xperia Play

It isn’t long until the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play handset is released, which will take gaming on your mobile to a new level. Not only will there be many exclusive games and optimized games for the Xperia Play but, you will also be able to play the current selection of games available on the Android market on your phone.

This includes various emulators, which while fun on many Android touchscreen phone, your fingers and thumbs do get in the way of the game. With the D-pad, and buttons of the Xperia Play, this will not be an issue and when the virtual keyboard is turned off, most controls will already be automapped to the control pad. In the video below, we see the N64 emulator N64oid demonstrated on the Xperia Play, as well as information on how to map the controls if need be. The video shows us Mario Kart 64 being played on the Xperia Play, followed by Star Fox 64. Not all N64 games will work well on N64oid, one example being Golden Eye, however it is still playable.