Leaked photos of Xperia Duo appear

We all know that Sony Ericsson aren’t great at keeping their upcoming handsets a secret. We saw photos of the Xperia X10 before an official announcement came from Sony Ericsson and even the more recently announced Xperia Arc, we’d seen a while before Sony Ericsson officially announced the handset, in the form of the Anzu. More photos have been leaked of an Xperia handset, this time round it’s the “Xperia Duo”. The Duo appears to be a successor to the Xperia X10 Mini or Mini Pro, which we’ve already seen a photo of before and it’s benchmark. Here are some more photos to whet your appetite.

We also have a list of rumored specs for the handset now, which includes a 3 inch display, which could also make this a successor to the Xperia X8 handset. The photos show that the Duo has a slide out QWERTY keyboard like the Mini Pro, so it’s possible this successor may come in Duo and Duo Pro models. The Duo will most likely feature Android 2.3 when released, like the recently announced Xperia Arc. Other rumored specs point to an 8 megapixel camera on the back, as well as a front facing second camera, something that we haven’t yet seen on the Xperia. The HD symbol on the back of the handset indicates that it may be capable of recording HD video, most probably 720p. With regards to the processor, it’s assumed to be a MSM7230 Snapdragon 800 MHz processor.