Leaked! More Xperia Play Photos

Another leaked set of photos has just surfaced showing the Xperia Play now with the Xperia logo. The pictures were taken from a Chinese forum, which has many people believing that the official announcement from Sony Ericsson regarding this device isn’t far off. The device in the photos is seen running Android 2.3 Gingerbread which means that Sony will release this model with the latest Android version.

Sony executives have said that this phone must not be confused with the Playstation Portable line. This means that The Xperia Play will not have the Playstation brand and might be marketed as a gaming Android device. If you check on the buttons of the model in the photos you can distinctly see the famous Playstation buttons which many people concluded that a Playstation phone is in the works.

Whether this model will carry the Playstation name or not will not matter as long as it lives up to its hype as a gaming Android phone from Xperia. No Android device in the market today is marketed as a gaming phone so the entry of the Xperia Play will make an excellent addition to the Android family.

The rumor spreading is that this phone will be unveiled at CES 2011 although it is most likely that the unveiling will be done on a later date probably at the MWC 2011.