Latest Xperia update now available on Play

Sony Ericsson recently released a new update for their 2011 range of handsets. Unfortunately, the update for the Xperia Play, was not released at the same time as the update for the Xperia Arc and Xperia Neo.

The update added xLoud, making audio playback much louder when played through the speakers on the phone. The update also brought themes to the Xperia handsets among other new features and new apps as well as the ability to now zoom on the camera using the full 8 megapixels available on the phone.  The update has now been released for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Unfortunately nothing has been done with the camera app on the Xperia Play and instead it continues to use the stock Android camera application.

The update isn’t showing as available for everyone where it has been released. The update has been released for unbranded handsets in the UK but, on my Play when I performed a software update check on the phone, I was told I had the latest software. Once I plugged the phone into the computer though and used PC Companion, I was told an update was available and I could download it. So if you’re anxiously waiting the latest update from Sony Ericsson, I’d recommend checking with PC Companion rather than going by what the handset is saying at the moment.