ICS may not be headed to Xperia Play

Sony recently released an ICS beta ROM for the Xperia Play and asked for feedback, specifically relating to games compatibility. A number of issues were reported with game compatibility and now it looks like ICS may not be heading to the Xperia Play after all. There’s been no official word from Sony regarding the matter but, on a Sony Mobile software update page with information regarding Android 4.0 it lists all the 2011 Xperia handsets that will be getting the ICS update. The Xperia Play however, is missing from this list.

This could just be a mistake and we could see the Xperia Play on the list once the error has been corrected but, based on game compatibility findings, Sony may decide to stick with Android 2.3 on the Play. Hopefully Sony will shed some light on the matter either way soon.