HDMI capable Xperia Play not going to be released to consumers

Since we first saw the Xperia Play pictures last week showing the handset connected up to a HD TV, there’s been a lot of questions surrounding it. Firstly whether the pictures were real, which was confirmed by video and photo coverage from E3. The second being, what are they, or rather how did they come about and will they be released onto the market for consumers. It appears that the handsets won’t be. So we won’t be seeing a HDMI equipped Xperia Play any time soon, not until the Xperia Play 2 at least any way.

Apparently these are “chipped” units from the US and the ones we saw in the first lot of photos had been sent to the UK for the Champions League final but, were promptly sent back to the US the next day, presumable in preparation for E3. The units are for demo usage to show off new games on a bigger screen. While this appears to have worked extremely well for E3, it would have been great if Sony Ericsson had included this as standard for the market version, Xperia Play games on a big screen are definitely a hit.