HDMI capable Xperia Play is real but, is it coming to market

Last week we saw a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play connected up to a TV via HDMI. At the time the pictures could have been a fake, or the cable connecting the handset to the TV could have been a micro USB to HDMI, or another, reworked Xperia Play.

It was pointed out that, while it could have been a micro USB to HDMI cable enabling this feature, the handset in the photos was not the Xperia Play that was launced a couple of months back, as the port of the handset is in a different location to the one on the market. Further information came about, revealing that the handset was most likely a developers handset to be used at E3.

This new Xperia Play handset did indeed turn up at E3, enabling others in the room to see the games coming out for the Xperia Play in the coming months. While this means the photos were indeed real, there hasn’t been anyone else confirming that the handset was connected via HDMI but, we see this as being very likely.

So what does this mean for consumers? Well, the handsets seen at E3 may very well be developer units only but, it begs the question of if the Xperia Play was capable of having a micro HDMI port, why wasn’t the market released handset equipped with this feature as well? The lack of a HDMI output has been a huge negative point about the handset from various reviews, consumers and owners of the handset. That’s not the only question that arises from these E3 developer handsets however. If one feature was added, what else internally was changed? Perhaps more internal memory for storing all the games already released and coming out? I don’t know about you guys but, my Xperia Play ran out of internal memory within days, even with ability to move apps to the SD card – not all apps (or in the case of the Play, games) can be moved to the SD card. The bigger question though, is will this HDMI enabled handset be released on the market?