Hands-On Video and Photos of Newest Xperia X8 Handset

Se-first have managed to get a hold of one of the newest additions to the Sony Ericsson Xperia range – the newly announced Xperia X8 and have posted up images and a hands-on video, which is shown below, for us all to enjoy.They have also compared the X8 to the Vivaz, Xperia X10 and X10 Mini Pro which gives us a more accurate idea of the sizing of the X8 in comparison to the other Sony Ericsson handsets.

It is noted that the low camera resolution at just 3.2MP with no autofocus option is disappointing for what se-first describe as an ‘entry level’ Xperia handset and this is an understandable disappointment as it seems like a step backwards for the range, especially when even the X10 Mini has a 5MP camera to it’s name.

Here are more images from the comparison and hands-on:

More images are available from se-first.com.