Giant Test Boxes for Xperia Play Leaked

Photos are currently spreading across the Internet on display boxes for Sony Ericsson’s Xperia line of smartphones. This kind of box is the ones usually used in mobile phone stores where people can view the display units. It seems that this test box is tailor made for the upcoming Xperia Play and can hold as much as 3 mobile phones.

From the photo you can visibly see 3 phone units prominently displayed on top of the boxes with corresponding descriptions placed below. The image on the front side of the box shows a person using the Xperia Play at the middle and a large photo of the Xperia Play model at the bottom.

Sony Ericsson has really made sure to let consumers know of the gaming capability of their upcoming model which hasn’t even been officialy announced yet. It is highly possible that the announcement will be made during the Mobile World Congress 2011 at Barcelona, Spain within this month.

The Xperia Play is one of the most anticipated models to be released this year by Sony Ericsson, aside from the Xperia arc, and will be the first Android smartphone to be designed with gaming in mind.