Get a Free Xperia X10!!!

Do you want to get a free Xperia X10? Now is your chance to do so by joining the Xperia X10 contest over at the Facebook page of Sony Ericsson.  Joining the contest is easy by following these simple steps.

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Like the Official Sony Ericsson Facebook Page
  3. Click on the “Win Xperia” Tab
  4. Answer the simple question ( you can Google the answer)
  5. Enter your contact details

Wherever you are located in the world you can join this contest. The winner will be getting a beautiful luster white Xperia X10. You will be given a link for the answer at the Demoslam website where you can see a video of Maria Sharapova using the Google Voice search feature in the Xperia X10.

The contest highlights the usefulness of the Google Voice search feature when used on an Android phone. Its advantage is that even if you are doing other tasks you can easily do a Google search by just speaking directly to your phone. The search results will be quickly shown in your screen which makes this a great app to have.

If you want to win the contest then be sure to join it now. Entries will only be accepted until January 17, 2011.