Firmware update released for Xperia X10 – Avoid

Sony Ericsson have released another firmware update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, bringing the build number up to R2BA026. It’s recommended however that you don’t install the update if prompted as it brings back a mysterious WiFi problem which we haven’t seen since R2BA016. The issue occurs when you lose the network signal on the phone. Upon losing (and regaining) signal, the Wifi turns itself off, so you lose all connections to the internet, making the phone brick like for a few minutes until the signal returns completely. As well as bringing the Wifi issue back, the update sees the Wise Pilot app taken off. The only improvement in the firmware, is that Timescape and Mediascape are more responsive.

There are a couple of videos showing how the problem happens, courtesy of the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog.