Fifa 12 : Exclusive and Free for Xperia Play

fifa 12 xperia play

EA and Sony Ericsson are offering Xperia Play customers an all new exclusive title in the form of the hugely popular football game Fifa 12. To top off the excitement, the game is also free to download and will be exclusive to the Xperia Play until February 21st next year.

“With FIFA 12, fans of football can expect improved gameplay depth, authentic commentaries, updated teams from the world’s top leagues, and all new replay systems and stadium designs to enhance the FIFA experience” – Sony Ericsson

As expected, the game includes the same style of gameplay that was found in Fifa 10 and Fifa 11 on the Xperia Play as it is optimized fully for use on the handset, using it’s unique control system and game pad. Fifa 12 can be downloaded now (from the game launcher on the Xperia Play) and it’s a big download, over 1.5GB, so  a Wi-Fi connection will probably be required.

The offical trailer video can be seen below: