End of The Road for AT&T’s Xperia X10

It seems that the Xperia X10 may never get its Android 2.1 upgrade for AT&T users. The model was released last year by the mobile network running on Android 1.6; however they promised that an update would soon follow. That promise might not see the light of day as the company no longer sells brand new Xperia X10 models.

If you go ahead and check out the AT&T website you will still see them offering the Xperia X10 however it is being sold as a refurbished model. This means that the unit was pre-owned and is reconditioned before passed on to its subscribers. The smartphone costs $0.01 and comes with a 2 year contract.

While other countries have already rolled out their Android 2.1 update on the Xperia X10, it seems that in the U.S. nothing is planned yet, with no news coming out of AT&T and Sony Ericsson. Those of you who are adventurous enough may opt to upgrade it manually by following the guides posted at the xda-developers forum, be warned that you will be doing this at your own risk.

There is even an online petition right now made by owners of the X10 under AT&T called “Make AT&T honor their upgrade promises!”.