End of life for AT&T Xperia X10

Whilst many are extremely upset with Sony Ericsson with regards to them announcing that they will not be releasing any more Android updates for the Xperia X10 range and X8, those in America on AT&T are still stuck with 1.6, as the Android 2.1 update has not been approved by AT&T yet. It’s now been leaked that AT&T have an end of life date for the Xperia X10, which is penned in as March 6th. For those who did picked the handset up, this will come as another blow as it’s quite possible that AT&T will stop approving any minor updates Sony Ericsson release for the X10, although this is just speculation. If that is the case though, hopefully AT&T will manage to release the Android Eclair update to their Xperia X10 owning customers.

The handset was only released in America in August, giving it a 7 month life span with AT&T and some will argue, only a 5 month life span with Sony Ericsson. AT&T will according to the leaked images, recommend the Samsung Captivate or Motorola BRAVO in place of the X10. 

Source: AndroidCentral