Digital Chocolate Reveals Xperia Play Line-Up

Popular mobile game publisher Digital Chocolate has announced their games which will be making its way to the Xperia Play when the device will be released. The game publisher has listed three games to be made available which are Rollercoaster Revolution 99 Tracks, TowerBloxx: My City, and Millionaire City.

Here’s a brief description of the games

Rollercoaster Revolution 99 Tracks: This side scrolling game will see you riding a roller coaster at high speed. Try to finish all 99 tracks as you get all those power ups and perform various jumps and loops.

TowerBloxx: My City:  Those who are into puzzles and strategies will definitely like this game. In this game you try to build a skyscraper as straight as possible and one floor at a time. Think it’s easy? You will soon find out that the crane that delivers the building blocks is tricky to control.

Millionaire City: This popular game which is one of the top ten social games in Facebook will soon make its way on the Xperia Play. The task is simple; all you have to do is build the best houses, mansions and skyscrapers while earning a lot of money by making smart investments.