Deal of the Week: Xperia S on £20.50 Vodafone tariff

For a limited time, Carphone Warehouse have an exclusive contract with Vodafone for the Xperia S. Instead of the usual £26 a month tariff to get the Sony Xperia S free, from now until May 24th, the handset is available for free on Vodafone’s £20.50 a month tariff.

The deal is available through Carphone Warehouse online or in store. The contract is with Vodafone for 24 months and your £20.50 a month gives you 100 Minutes, 500 texts and 250MB of data. Which while it isn’t a huge allowance any any front, if you’re a light user and Vodafone is your preferential network, this is a great deal.

If the allowance isn’t up to scratch though and you’re happy to not be with Vodafone, Tesco Phone shop also have a great deal on the Sony Xperia S. For £1 a month more, with O2 you can get 200 minutes with unlimited texts and 500MB data. Of course, with it being O2, you can always drop the data allowance down to 100MB, saving £3 a month, bringing the total monthly contract price down to £18.50. Alternatively, if you’re a heavy data user, O2 also offer a 1GB data allowance for £10 a month, making the total cost £25.50 a month. This deal isn’t available though O2 directly and may only be available through the Tesco phone shop website, rather than in store.