Custom Android 2.2 rom loaded onto Xperia X10

Until recently, the Xperia X10 was stuck with a rather outdated version of Android, 1.6. Within the past month however, Sony Ericsson have now released Android 2.1 for the handset but, this still is relatively outdated for some and some regions/networks still haven’t received the Android 2.1 update for their Xperia X10 handsets.

With regards to Android 2.2, Sony Ericsson have recently said that as of yet, they can’t say whether the X10 will get 2.2 or not but, with this latest advancement from developers, if you’re willing to flash your phone, it really won’t matter that much to you what Sony Ericsson decide.

We recently reported that a modder over at the XDA-Developers forum had loaded a custom Android 2.2 ROM onto his Xperia X10. At the time, the files weren’t available to download. The files have now however, been released for others to download and install. For now though, it’s still in a “pre-alpha status”, so it can be quite buggy and really isn’t suitable for every day use just yet. A list has been compiled of what the custom ROM is capable of doing, has been compiled below, as well as a list of what the phone can’t do, yet anyway.

-ROM flashable into device
-Power management
-G sensor
-adb enabled at boot (usefull for debuging)
-3G data connection
-Video playback (RockPlayer included)
-Audio player (RockPlayer included/download PowerAMP from market)

Not working:
-video playback
-phone dial out loop
-BW camera
-codec’s are messed up

You can download the pre-alpha version now, however it’s recommended that you dual boot the system instead of installing 2.2 as the main and only OS on the phone. As with any flashing process, you do so at your own risk. If you’re happy to go ahead, you can install the pre-alpha release by following the instructions below:


* 1GB of free space on SD Card
* Phone needs to be rooted with busybox installed

1. Ensure that you have adb debugging enabled on phone.
2. Download the package.
3. Run install.bat on pc and wait for it to finish then follow onscreen instructions.
4. Enjoy your rom.

Dual boot:

Press any key during the boot process (right after “Sony Ericsson” text logo) to boot into 2.1 ROM. Otherwise it will boot into 2.2 Custom Rom.

There is a plan to prepare boot menu, this would allow us to multiboot (number of ROMs only limited by SD Card capacity).