Concept Phone: Xperia X3

We love our Xperia smartphones so much that we are even featuring some of the concept phones that are making the rounds over the Internet lately. This is the second concept phone we will be featuring, the first one being the Xperia x-wave.

The Xperia X3 is brought to us by juris15 over at the Esato forum. This particular Xperia model, which is also called the X Cube, is different from other Xperia models in such a way that it can capture video in full 3D. The good news about this concept phone is that our current technology may be able to create the X3.

In order for the Xperia X3 to have 3D capabilities it must have a processor capable of handling 3D content. Here’s where Nvidia enters the scene. The company’s Tegra 2 3D processor will start production this quarter and may ship out at the later part of this year. This processor is designed to provide 3D functionality to devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Hopefully the guys over at the Xperia R&D department will come up with a phone running on the Tegra 2 3D processor. It is predicted that 3D content will rapidly make its way in mobile devices in the coming years and this can be seen right now with the entry of the 3DS of Nintendo.