Buy an Xperia mobile phone and win £100,000 in ESPN contest

se espn talksport

If free access to the ESPN Goals mobile service wasn’t enough reason to tempt buyers to purchase one of the latest Xperia handsets, Sony Ericsson and ESPN have also partnered up with sports radio station TalkSPORT, to offer a fantastic competition where Xperia buyers can win “a footballer’s salary” which apparently equates to a whopping £100,000!

Along with a grand prize of £100,000, each week there is an opportunity to win £1000 by simply choosing your favorite goal from a choice of three goals given by TalkSPORT. You can enter every week for four weeks to win the £1000 and at the end of the four weeks there will be a grand prize draw for the £100,000. The winner of the grand prize will be announced on November 27th by Sony Ericsson.

More details can be found at the Sony Ericsson Goals Website.