Ant Wireless and Texas Instruments Showcases Xperia Arc at MWC 2011

Over at the Mobile World Congress which is happening now, Texas Instruments and Ant Wireless are showcasing the Xperia Arc, the first commercially available smartphone that natively supports Ant+. This technology allows for a mobile device to communicate with various health and fitness devices and collect data in real time and transmit it to the cloud for extensive analysis.

The Xperia Arc is using Texas Instruments Wi-Link 6.0 chip that supports Ant+ Technology. This means that anyone who buys an Xperia Arc can readily use the numerous Ant+ sensors available in the market and can use it with their smartphones.

The Xperia line of Sony Ericsson such as the Arc, X10 mini, X10 mini pro and X8 will be the first smartphones in the world to fully support Ant+.

During the MWC, data was taken from a person using a bike. The valuable data gathered such as bike speed, blood pressure and heart rate can now be easily collected using the Xperia Arc. This is a very valuable tool for athletes or those people concerned with their health since it can effectively monitor different parameters.