Angry Birds released but faces issues on X10

After weeks of the Angry Birds Beta being out, Rovio have finally released the final version. The game was released on mobile downloads website GetJar by Rovio exclusively, before hitting the Android Market. During this time, GetJar have apparently accumulated around 7 million downloads on the game, which has caused disruption for the site, with many users getting “disconnected” issues and at one point the GetJar servers crashed.

The game officially supports Android 1.6, which should come as great news for Xperia X10 owners. The news isn’t so positive for X10 Mini users though, as the game doesn’t support QVGA resolutions yet. Rovio should release an updated version soon. It is currently free to download and is ad-supported. However Rovio will also be releasing a paid version, with no ads in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately though, while the game does work on Android 1.6 and the Beta versions worked on the Xperia X10, the full version gives X10 users a black screen, with just the music playing. Rovio are aware of this issue and are working on a fix, so we’ll have to wait just a little bit longer before we can play the full version. Xperia X10 owners aren’t the only users facing problems though, as other handsets also have the same problem, including the Nexus One.