Angry Birds lands on Android, X10 Compatible

It’s been known for a while now that the popular iPhone game, Angry Birds, would be heading to the Android platform. While the game isn’t a final version, the Beta of Angry Birds has now been released onto the Android Market. It isn’t really clear what version of Android you’ll need and many feared Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 wouldn’t be compatible with the game, due to the outdated version of Android. Thankfully this isn’t the case though.

The beta has been released on the Android Market, however not everyone is able to find it. This is the case for several phone models and Android versions. If you can’t find Angry Birds on the Market, don’t worry as XDA-Developers have posted the APK for download. You will need the option to install from third parties enabled, which unfortunately I believe is disabled on the AT&T branded models. If you are able to install third party apps and the game isn’t available on the Market, you can download Angry Birds Lite Beta here. If downloading from your phone, you should be able to launch the App installer from the downloads page, or if you’re transferring the file to your phone, you’ll need a file manager to browse to the APK file.

I personally used Astro to install the game, which is free to download. I then browsed to the location of the APK and installed the file with the Package installer. Once installed you can launch the game. Some users have reported Force Close notices, if that happens, you may need to try the game 3-4 times. If it still doesn’t work, others have recommended turning the phone off and back on again and trying again. You can report this bug and any others you find directly from the game itself. You can also sign up to Rovio, who will notify you when the full game is available. Below is my video of installing Angry Birds and a quick demo of the game on the X10.