Android 2.4 Available this April

We haven’t even seen lots of smartphones running Android 2.3 when all of a sudden Android 2.4 seems to be coming out this April. This latest Android version addresses the compatibility issues between dual core and single core Android smartphones. Apparently, applications created for dual core Android smartphones will not run in single core Androids. This was tested when applications created for Android 3.0, an OS optimized for dual core tablets, could not run on single core Android smartphones.

The majority of Android smartphones sold in the market are single core models with a few dual core models making its way to the market this year. The trend this year of manufacturers is to release powerful smartphones using dual core processors. Unlike Android 3.0, Android 2.3 which will be shipped with the upcoming dual core smartphones does not support applications made for dual core devices. Don’t be surprised if your Xperia Arc can’t run a dual core application.

Taking first crack at this latest release is ViewSonic’s ViewPad 4 smartphone.Hopefully Sony Ericsson will be releasing an update for the Xperia Arc so that it will be able to take advantage of applications specifically designed to run on dual core smartphones.