Android 2.1 to be released on Xperia X10 from Sunday

Well Sony Ericsson did say “from the end of October” for the Android 2.1 and the end of October it is. Unfortunately, the very end of October. At least we now have a date for the Android 2.1 update though.

Sony Ericsson will begin rolling the Android 2.1 update out on Sunday 31st October from evening time in Europe. The first handsets to get the update will be Nordic handsets. Further firmware “kits” will be rolled out during Monday and during the month of November. Sony Ericsson explain a “kit” to be a different configuration, “i.e. color of the phone, bundled accessories but most importantly in this case different software configurations. The difference in software between different kits is mainly related to included settings, applications, network configuration etc – all this to comply to different legal and network requirements. All of these different kits need separate approvals based on market and network, hence the phased roll-out.”

If you have automatic searching of updates turned on, you should get a notification when the update is released, we’ll also be posting here when there’s confirmation of which countries have the update. The update will however need to be done via a computer, either using PC Companion or the Sony Ericsson Update Service.

The update applies to the Xperia X10, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro. The Xperia X8 will also get updated to Android 2.1 but, not at the same time as the X10 range.