Android 2.1 released for Xperia X8 owners

While this will certainly come as a surprise to some, it is great news. Sony Ericsson have began rolling out the Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X8 handsets. We were already told it would arrive before the end of the year, although after the X10 Android 2.1 fiasco, many assumed it would probably be December 31st and only limited to certain regions. We also recently reported that the update would most likely be out in three weeks time but, not even a week has passed and the update has arrived.

It’s unclear what regions have the update yet, however, users have reported that the update is available in India, Russia, Germany, Sweden and the Mid East – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Dubai confirmed. Let us know in the comments if the update is available to you yet and where abouts in the world you are.