Android 2.1 features demoed on X10 in video

Assuming there’s no more delays for Android 2.1, we should be seeing the Xperia X10 range updated to a higher version of Android within the next couple of weeks. Things seem to be on track, as Rikard Skogberg has posted a few videos up of an Xperia X10 running Android 2.1, aka Eclair.

The first video demonstrates the home screen of the Xperia X10. Skogberg goes on to explain that the update will provide users with 5 home screens instead of 3. Unfortunately however, this is already a feature many Xperia X10 owners are already accustomed to by the use of third party applications such as ADW launcher. In the video we also see some new widgets that are available for the X10, including a recent calls list, which shows the last three calls, allowing you quick access to redial your last called numbers, or quickly check who’s called you.

The second two videos show off the new video recording capabilities. Both videos demonstrate the new continuous auto focus feature. The first video of the two shows a more typical example of how an every day user would benefit from this new feature. While the second video, although a less common scenario, really demonstrates the true capabilities of what the X10 will be able to do once the Google Android update is released.

via: Sony Ericsson Product Blog