9 Million Xperia Units Sold in Q4 2010

Things are finally looking good for Sony Ericsson with the company ending 2010 with a stronger market position than in previous years. The most important highlight is the shipping out of 9 million Xperia units to the market. This is an impressive figure for the company and is a strong sign that they made the right decision to support the Android platform over the previous Symbian OS.

The recent financial reports indicate that the company has already been making a profit for all 4 quarters of 2010 despite having a few snags with their X10 model. If we can recall, the X10 was released with an outdated version of Android and suffered from delays.

Sony Ericsson plans to continue with their 2010 success this year starting with the release of the Xperia Arc. They are also planning to release mini versions of established Xperia models as well as dual core smartphones this year.

The company is expecting to face a lot of competition from different Android manufacturers as well as the iPhone this year. Expect to see more Xperia models to be released this year than the previous year as they compete for a larger share of the smartphone market