Xperia X8 to get Android 2.1 update before the end of 2010

Despite the bad press surrounding the Xperia X10 and it’s outdated version of Android 1.6, Sony Ericsson still released the Xperia X8 with Android 1.6 instead of 2.1. The company did however promise an update to Android 2.1 for the Xperia X8, along with the Xperia X10 range. Sunday saw the first Android 2.1 kits go out for the Xperia X10 range, with other kits/markets following through the month. However Xperia X8 owners were told that the planned update would fall at a later date than the X10 range, despite the software being the same as that used on the X10 Mini/Mini Pro, with the use of the four corner shortcuts.

Unfortunately no further information was revealed about when the update would arrive for Xperia X8 owners. A spokesman for Sony Ericsson has come forward and has said that the Xperia X8 will be upgraded to Android 2.1 before the end of the year. Apart from that though, no further details were given and instead, we will have to wait for further details from the company about the update. Hopefully the Xperia X8 Android update will go as planned now that Sony Ericsson have some experience in releasing the Android 2.1 update, whether specific markets will be ready or not for it though remains to be seen.


  • benji

    translated to, sometime next year if the x10 is anything to go by. or at best, one region gets it 31st dec, rest of the world later on and the uk is f***ed as its only on o2


    Very funnny..
    Yestardy i got an update massege from sony ericson pc cmpang.. and i updated my mob, but still the firmware is 1.6…. what is this???????? why they are fooling us….

    • Nitin

      Hi Jithin! I am planning to buy an X8. I am really concerned about the below features:

      1. Android v1.6. Will we get the message whenever 2.1 is launched? Any idea of when its going to launch for X8? I contacted one mobile store and the person told me it will take 2 more months for the upgrade to happen. Not sure about whether the information he gave was reliable or not.
      2. Camera lacks flash and autofocus. Not a big problem for me as I own a digicam.

      Hows your experience with Xperia X8? Do you recommend it for anyone? Did you any face problems while using it?

      Please reply me at nitindot(.)infoscianatgmaildot(.)com

      • admin

        When 2.1 is released for the Xperia X8, we will post the news here. Depending on where you are, what network you’re on, you may receive an update message. Unfortunately there isn’t a firmer date apart from “before the end of 2010″. Knowing Sony Ericsson, this may unfortunately be later than this but, fingers crossed it isn’t. As lets face it, what difference is there really between the OS/UI on the X8 and the X10 Mini?

        With regards to point number 2, this is the only reason I haven’t purchased one. It’s a better size than the X10 Mini, which would, imo make it more usable :). However I, or the person I would be getting it for, doesn’t have a second camera and so uses the phone camera a lot. I would say, the camera is the only downside to the X8, well that and X8 users have to wait a little longer for the 2.1 update and there isn’t any news about 2.2 for the X8, or the X10 for that matter.

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    • pinoypaparazzi

      i just bought xperia x8, and it’s still on 1.6! i can’t update to 2.1 yet. =(