Xperia X8 now with CardioTrainer from T-Mobile UK

One of the best deals you can find for the Xperia X8 comes from T-Mobile UK. The major mobile network is including the CardioTrainer app pre-installed and includes a free armband as well. Fitness buffs would love to get the X8 since it has a compact feature and can be easily carried when you jog or go to the gym. The inclusion of the armband only makes the deal more irresistible.

The CardioTrainer app, which is created by WorkSmart labs, is available for free in the Android Marketplace. It is the best fitness application so far that is easy to use and has lots of functionalities. With the aid of a GPS and Pedometer you can keep track of your workout and exercise easily. You have the option of uploading your results online and it can even calculate the calories you have burned. Got a Facebook account? You can link this application to your Facebook and it will be able to post your results on your wall so that you and your friends can view it.

The Xperia X8 is available for free on T-Mobile if you subscribe to the £15.32 a month plan. This plan already comes with 300 minutes of free talk time, 300 text messages, unlimited Internet and a flexible booster.


  • Sergio Luna

    Where can I buy the jogging armband shown in this post?

  • NigelFN

    I ended up buying one second hand from someone who had the offer but no inclination to run.

    It’s no good, since the touch screen means that you need to pull the phone out to control and there’s no weather protection.

    Buy the Run365 armpouch from JJB Sports – rainproof, simple and cheap.