Xperia Pro now due mid October

It’s been quite a while since Sony Ericsson announced the Xperia Pro and has seen more delays than most handsets. When announced, Sony Ericsson did say the handset would come out later than the Xperia Arc, Xperia Play and Xperia Neo but, the first rumored release date was back in June. Since then, we’ve seen it pushed back a month or so every time. Last we heard, the handset was due out in late September according to the SE-Store and had been listed as such since July. You can now however purchase handsets directly from the Sony Ericsson website and so, the SE-Store no longer exists, nor does any release information for the Xperia Pro, apart from “coming soon” on the handset’s specification page.

UK online retailer Clove however have noted the initial stock is expected October 17th. Hopefully the handset will finally be released next month as there’s many people who haven’t opted for one of Sony Ericsson’s alternative handsets but, have instead waited for the Xperia Pro as it features a QWERTY slide out keyboard like the Xperia Mini Pro but, doesn’t skimp on other specs. It features a 3.7 inch display, an 8.1 megapixel camera with HD video recording and HDMI connectivity. The display features the Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine like the Xperia Arc, Neo and Ray.


  • Eviljaffacake

    The end must be near now – ive been waiting for so many months for this phone to come out. Hopefully all the main phone operators in the UK pick it up, despite its difficult birth.

  • jonnywingman

    I’m a little concerned about this phone because it appears to have been removed from the coming soon section on the carphonewarehouse website :-(. I really want this phone…

  • Pleitti

    is this phone already have the 2.3.3 gingerbread ?>>

    • marty

      Yeah it will, well 2.3.3 at least. Maybe 2.3.4 by the time it is released though.

    • Ramezashraf

      Yes It is.

  • Jonywingman

    Apparently it will have, but as there is no actual confirmed ‘official’ release date who knows…

  • Leona

    I have been looking forward to the release of this phone for ages, it keeps getting pushed back and back with no word from Sony, will this phone ever be released?  Come on Sony tell us what is going on.

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