Xperia Play Multimedia Dock unboxing

We recently received the Multimedia Dock DK300 from which is made specifically for the Xperia Play. MobileFun sell a range of accessories for the Xperia Play, including cases, memory cards and an Xperia Play Screen Protector.

The Multimedia Dock allows you to dock your Xperia Play turning it into a “multifunction alarm clock”. You can see the time, date and weather at a glance, as well as play a slideshow of your photos on the phone. When docked and plugged in, the DK300 keeps your Xperia Play charged and you can either use the charger that came with your phone, or the one provided in the box.

Also in the box is a 3.5mm audio lead, that connects to the Dock and your home stero system, allowing you to play music stored on your phone through your home stereo system. While placed in the dock, as well as displaying the date and time, it also has easy access buttons to your music and photos. If not connected up to speakers, while in the Dock the Xperia Play will play music through the phones built in speakers.

Below are the unboxing photos of the Multimedia Dock DK300 and we will be providing a review on the Dock soon.


  • Adam

    Ah brilliant. I look forward to your review.

    The Xperia Play having a dock whereas the other recent models don’t is something that confuses me a little.

  • itsnoel

    I used to have my PLAY changing to clock as soon as I docked it… but now with this 2nd one, i cant remember where that setting is… or find it. Let me know if you know ;)


    • admin

      Bizarre, just had a look and can’t find an option any where of how to turn it on, or off. Tried with the phone docked and undocked. Will keep looking though.

  • itsnoel

    very… I had it for sure… but noooo idea where it is now :(

    Annoyingly I see people mention it when docking, but noone saying where the setting is!

  • itsnoel


    On a review! Its in LiveWare manager

    • admin

      How strange, that’s the first place I looked and couldnt see the option there :s.

  • Anonymous

    The slot which the dock gets it’s power from… is that just a standard MicroUSB connection?

  • Anonymous

    I picked up a couple of docks recently. The thing I’m surprised by is how small it is.I just thought it’d be a lot bigger than what it is.

    I also now have a couple of MicroUSB chargers that are useless to me as I’m not in the UK…
    If anyone wants 2 completely free UK-Style MicroUSB chargers…. lolz.. let me know.

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